Bitcanna Snapshots

Service provided by BlueStake


To help validators to deploy or recover quickly, we provide daily archives of the Blockchain, from high-performance infrastructure:

bitcanna-1-pruned-14403674.tar.lz41 hour ago602 MBDownload


# Install dependencies if needed
sudo apt install curl tar jq aria2 -y

# Download snapshot
cd $HOME/.bcna/
fileurl=$(curl | jq -r '.snapshots[0].url')
aria2c -x5 $fileurl

# Stop Bitcanna Daemon if its running
systemctl stop bitcanna.service

# Move or remove old data
mv $HOME/.bcna/data $HOME/.bcna/data.bak

# Extract snapshot to data dir
tar xf $(basename $fileurl)

# Start Bitcanna Daemon
systemctl start bitcanna.service